Creative excellence since 1992. Just 79 years shy of a 100 year old egg.

Egg Design Partners is a full-service creative agency located just outside of Boston. For over 20 years, we have been creating high caliber work for teams ranging from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. Our team is comprised of experienced designers, marketers, storytellers, innovators and strategists who deliver exceptional results through compelling print and digital campaigns.

A small group creating big work

Egg Design Partners office

We're a creative bunch with a passion for producing fresh, innovative, and functional designs across a multitude of platforms and devices. Our team specializes in design, marketing, concept development, copywriting, and production for both print and digital media.

Our philosophy? We like to keep it simple. This means cutting out the middleman, so that our designers can work directly with you. The result is great communication and unparalleled service, passion, and dedication – without the unnecessary layers.

The team

Jonathan Jackson

In 1992, after five years as Art Director/Senior Designer at Imprimatur Design, Jonathan Jackson left his comfortable job, and co-founded Egg Design Partners to fill a need unmet by the larger design firms — direct contact between designer and client, in a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere combined with high-level design service. Jonathan served on the faculty of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he taught Graphic Design on the computer.

Timothy Preston

In 1996, after ten years as Art Director/Senior Designer for Richland Design Associates, Tim joined Egg as a full partner. His work has been recognized by The Creative Club of Boston, The Art Directors Club of Boston, Corporate Showcase and Print Magazine. His experience in web design, identity systems and collateral complements Egg’s existing strengths in packaging, collateral, direct mail, and identity systems.

Marie Steiert

Senior Designer, Marie Steiert, grew up in Germany where she studied graphic design. In 2008, Marie showed up on our doorstep carrying a portfolio of work that showcased her sophisticated design sense. Our first question was, “Why can’t American design students design like this?” Our second question was, “Can we hire you?” Before joining Egg as a graphic designer Marie had worked for agencies in Germany, Canada and the United States.

Stuart McCoy

Stuart McCoy joined Egg Design in 2014 as a graphic designer and web developer. Armed only with a degree in audio engineering and experience protecting North America from nuclear attacks he began his career designing and developing CD-ROMs in a time before the web. After going back to school to earn his MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University he worked for various agencies around Boston designing everything from identities for major sports franchises to websites and print collateral for small startups and educational institutions. Now he brings his experience with audio and video, as well as his design and development skills, to client projects for Egg Design.

Beth Pom

Beth Pom joined Egg Design in 2017 as Account Manager.  Beth comes from the ad agency world in Boston and has built her reputation of providing excellent service and partnership to large and small brand teams.  Beth helped launch McDonald’s extremely successful All Day Breakfast menu and has extensive broadcast production knowledge. In her spare time, her photography and mountain biking keep her centered. Beth brings her attention to detail and client service to the Egg Team.

Our process

From initial concepts and storyboard creation to the finishing touches on printed pieces – our approach is straightforward. We ask questions. We listen. We take good notes. Our team works together to create one idea that we all know "clicks".

But a good idea is only that. Unless executed properly, a good idea can quickly turn into a bad one. No matter what the project – a website, iPad app, corporate brochure, direct mail, or logo – scheduling, budget, proofing, choice of materials (or platform) all help ensure that a good idea hatches into a great piece.

What kind of bird are you?

Companies from Agilent to Ziff-Davis. Countries from America to Germany. Industries from healthcare to chocolates.

The Pigeon

Think it´s best to hang with the flock? If you rather blend in, stay grey and fly as little as possible, you´d probably be happier finding somewhere else to roost.

The Pelican

Have prospects dried up in your usual fishing grounds? Are you finding that what once worked just doesn´t fly any more? Then it´s time for fresh insights, strategies and solutions. Egg can help.

The Parrot

Need work that is outstanding and stands up to corporate standards? We love the challenge of helping established brands communicate new ideas. To repeat what’s proven without ever being redundant.

The Goose

Ready to get your web feet wet? Getting in the swim of things online can be stressful. Egg has helped many businesses - including ones not typically found there - make big waves on the internet.

The Chick

Hatching a new venture? You need more than a vendor - you need a partner who will take the time to understand your business and audience. Experienced pros who will help you launch on time and on budget.

The Penguin

Is your brand getting cold? We can help you warm it up. Not a radical departure from the identity that you have worked so hard to develop - just a spark to make it hot again.

The Rooster

Want your small business to make a big impression? It’s simply a matter of attitude. Sometimes you have to shout to get attention. We know how to make the smallest of companies look - and become - big.